Discover what makes us IDEAL

IDEAL INDUSTRIES Has Grown Into Much More Than An Electrical Company

Since our humble beginning in 1916, our success has been propelled by an unwavering commitment to the tradesmen, the industries they serve, the communities that depend on them and the IDEAL employees that make it all happen.

We are a family-owned, blue-collar American company with global reach, innovating side-by-side with tradesmen for the ever-changing challenges they face. From our electrical and industrial roots, we have grown to create solutions for a wide variety of skilled professionals in the networks, alternative energy, aerospace, construction, automotive, safety and environmental industries.

But perhaps what defines us most isn’t what we do, but how we do it.

We’re family-driven and professionally run, with a philosophy of stewardship that thinks in terms of generations, not quarters. It’s enabled us to create a dynamic culture where ideas and innovation flourish -- and where relationships with our tradesmen, customers, communities and employees are valued above all else. This was the original philosophy of IDEAL INDUSTRIES’ founder, J. Walter Becker, and we remain fiercely committed to it today.

It means we invest in the long-term success of our employees, inspiring teamwork while honoring individuality. It means committing to manufacturing in the communities we serve, and giving back to all who help make it possible. It means being a genuine partner that our customers and tradesmen can rely on to keep them ahead of the game, for generations to come.

We’re proud to be the backbone of the men and women who build our world -- the ones who keep it running and who reinvent it, every day, to serve the needs of tomorrow.

That’s how you build an ideal company. That’s how you build an ideal world.

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