The Next Generation Of Automotive Hand Tools

SK Introduces the Ratcheting Wrench of Tomorrow for the Tradesmen of Today

For auto technicians, working in tight spaces is a formidable challenge. That challenge is exactly what inspired SK to design the next generation of automotive hand tools – starting with the SK X-FRAME™ ratcheting wrench.

With input from top auto technicians, the new SK X-FRAME™ ratcheting wrench completely reimagines traditional wrench designs, delivering the lowest Arc Swing in the industry. It features a 6-pawl closed (box) end mechanism, the first of its kind, for an unprecedented 216 ratcheting positions. This unique design makes fine-tuning even the hardest-to-reach bolts and fasteners easier than ever before.

In fact, the design of the SK X-FRAME™ ratcheting wrench is so revolutionary, it was honored as one of the most important new car tools of 2014 by Popular Mechanics.

The SK X-FRAME™ ratcheting wrench is just another example of how IDEAL INDUSTRIES continues to proudly innovate side by side with tradesman to create the tools of tomorrow.

Click here to see the new SK X-FRAME™ ratcheting wrench in action!

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